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A.W. Chesterton products have been providing rotating and other industrial equipment with reliable sealing sealing solutions for 100 years. 

Sealing Solutions

Chesterton Mechanical Seal isolated on a transparent background.

Cartridge Seals

Chesterton's cartridge mechanical seals are proven, rugged performers in a wide range of sealing applications across industries. Chesterton's cartridge seal offerings include exclusive, patented features such as self-centering lock rings and adjustable gland tabs.​

Chesterton mechanical split seal isolated on a transparent background with internal parts visible.

442 Split Seal

The Chesterton 442 Split Seal has components split into two equal halves which are secured as one unit on the seal shaft. The major advantage of the split seal design is that it allows you to efficiently install the seal with no dismantling of the pump or equipment saving time.

Cutout of a double mechanical seal on an isolated transparent background.

Double Cartridge Seals

Chesterton double mechanical seals simplify configuration and maximizes seal performance with the AXIUS™ modular platform. With monolithic seal faces, Chesterton double mechanical seals increase reliability with temperature cycling and start/stop processes.


A.W. Chesterton offers ARC coatings for various industrial applications where increased reliability is needed. ARC by Chesterton offers various coatings for industrial floors, rotating equipment, and concrete structures that suit the needs of your particular application or need. 

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