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Grundfos brings artificial-intelligence (AI) to the maintenance world with a next-generation machine health solution. The platform, Grundfos Machine Health (GMH), empowers our customers to convert their data into meaningful actions aimed at improving efficiency and preventing downtime.

Grundfos Machine Health (GMH) is an asset reliability program that delivers real, measurable results by enabling adoption across your organization. Through dedicated, 24/7 Customer Support, we work together to eliminate surprises, empower your teams, and preserve your new state of reliability. Grundfos Machine Health monitors your most critical assets 24/7 — and notifies you at the first sign of developing problems. Bring innovation to your operation faster than ever before by delivering ROI in weeks — instead of months — with actionable insights that pinpoint problems before they become costly failures. Each account has a dedicated support team member working with you ensuring you meet and exceed your operations short- and long-term goals.