Engineered Equipment

Leak-free, dry-disconnect couplings for hose and pipe.

Linde Engineering North America Inc., a subsidiary of The Linde Group, provides engineering design, supply, and installation of hydrogen and synthesis gas plants as well as combustion-based equipment and oxidation technologies.

Side-stream filters for thermal fluid systems.

Source capture for removal of dusts, vapors and fumes: filters, extractor arms, and fans.  Fixed systems and portable units for manufacturing and laboratory environments, specializing in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Hose reels for all industries. Vehicle exhaust systems.

NEWTERRA (formally Crane Environmental)
Total water management: pretreatment, process water, deaeration, steam, water recovery. Filters, softeners, demineralizers, reverse osmosissystems, Cochrane and Chicago deaerators, Westinghouse condenser parts, condensate blowdown, condensate returns, multiport valves, drains, and traps.

Quick-connect/disconnect duct in galvanized and stainless steel. For fume and dust collection systems.

RASCHIG (formally Jaeger)
Tower packing and column internals (support plates, distribution, mist eliminators). Random and structured packings. For scrubbers, strippers, distillation, extraction, and other mass transfer applications.

DE NORA  (formerly Severn-Trent Services – EST)
Wet and dry scrubber systems, vacuum systems, eductors, solids conveying.  Venturis in all materials and sizes.

Wastech Controls & Engineering

Process control systems engineering, programming and construction, including corrosive acid handling, pH neutralization and liquid flow control, as well as pre-packaged, skid-mounted solutions for wastewater treatment, pump lift stations, chemical handling and custom process skids.